Friday, June 26, 2009

Spa Blues

So this morning, my dear friend Big Liver Girl and I went to the spa to get pedicures. I had received a gift card for one from my sister-in-law and Big Liver Girl wanted one too, so we decided to book our appt.'s together.

When we arrived at the spa, we were turned away ~ because I had brought my 4 week old nursing infant boy. Now, I can sorta understand that perhaps they don't want screaming babies to ruin the peaceful and zen-like atmosphere, but the way we were treated was rather rude.

First of all, they weren't very kind about the whole baby refusal thing and made me sound like some wacko for even THINKING about bringing a nursing baby to the spa....then in the next breath mentioned that they had to turn away three other moms JUST YESTERDAY because babies aren't allowed there.

They were quick to say however, that because we wouldn't be staying at the spa that we owed them 50% of our pedi fee because we weren't using their services. We asked if we could rebook and they said yes, but we still owed them $53 between the two of us for the cancellation. I don't remember cancelling...funny, that!

I said we would rebook and phone back to make an appointment because my pedi-partner is leaving for a month of holidays and we would have to take a peek at our schedules to make it work again. That seemed fine with them....for long we paid the cancellation fee.

I got home from the disappointing event, only to hear a message on my machine from poor "Amber from the Spa" saying that the owner has also decided to revoke my gift card. What?? Revoke it because I didn't know their policy on babies? Revoke it because their policy was to take 50% of the fee for cancelling and instead take 100%? So now Big Liver Girl and I are out $106.00 combined?

It was time to talk to this owner...

I phoned back and I think I scared Amber. I wasn't nasty but I did request to speak with Owner/Baby Hater Man. He was to call me back...and to his credit, he did. I have to admit I had an arsenal of arguments on my side but decided to try the "honey" rather than the "vinegar" -- and pull out the big guns later if I needed to.

It took some schmoozing and some "Oh, I understand your policy, sir" blah blah blah, but in the end, he said he would ALLOW us to come back and have our toes done in August. But ONLY if we booked through him. Tough guy.

I was sooooo ready to use my ammo....par example...

"How about I bring my five children down to your spa on a busy Saturday morning and you can tell me in person that you aren't giving me my pedicure??"

"How about I bring my five children and my friend's four children down to your spa and we have a picnic in front of your reception station until you return my $106.00?"

Anyhow....I didn't need to. He's lucky, I tell you. Don't mess with a girl, her girlfriend and their pretty toes. It could get very ugly.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Glamorous LIfe

When I woke up this morning I couldn't figure out why my hair was so crusty and gross. It was only on one side of my head and down near the ends.

I haven't had hair this long and a newborn baby at the same time so it took me a while to figure out what the problem was.

Baby barf. If you have long hair and your baby barfs on your shoulder and you let your hair drag through it, it makes it gross and crusty. I didn't know this tidbit of information before.

It's a glamorous life I lead. May be now I should go wash my hair...

Monday, June 8, 2009

He's here!

The new baby has finally arrived ~ I say finally, but he was about 12 days early. His name is Ted. Yep, that's it. His "real" name is Edward Paul Weston ~ but Ted or Teddy is just fine with us.

Labour/delivery went well -- it was a long day at the hospital but well worth the wait and effort to meet our little man when he came into the world. He was 9 lbs. 9 oz ~ am I ever glad he didn't wai the 12 more days to come out!!

He's beautiful, adorable, gorgeous and so soft and cuddly. I love love love the newborn phase. Those tiny niblet toes, those soft and fuzzy shoulders, the squeaks and squawks that only newborns make.

He's a good little guy -- so far. He's fairly easy to please, just feed him.

Jack however, is not so sure. First of all he cannot remember the poor child's name. Here's a conversation from a couple of days ago....

Jack: Mom, what's your baby's name?
Me: You tell me, what's his name?
Jack: Joshua?
Me: No.
Jack: Rexie?
Me: Nope.
Jack: Costco? England?
Me: No, Jack. His name is Ted.
Jack: Oh, yeah....Ted. I'll call him Teddy.

15 minutes later....
Jack: Mom, what's your baby's name again??

It took a while and finally, it seems he knows his name. Anyhow, the pregnancy is over ~ the wait is over ~ labour is over ~ and I'm so very very grateful for a healthy baby boy.