Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quick Post

For those of you who read this and don't live in my hometown, we have been getting more snow in the last week than I can remember. From what I've heard, the last big snow like this in our area was 1977!

Anyhow, last week the schools had three snow days in a row (I never had that going to school, ever) but of course, being the nerdy homeschooling mom that I am, we didn't get a snow day...not a single one. We just plowed right through working like busy little beavers. You see, I have this day-book for homeschooling and by this Thursday coming, we have some deadlines to meet. Ethan has to have completed Lesson 66 of his math, Grammar needs to be done etc...so there's no time for nonsense. I have things on a list that must be checked off (this is the Type A portion of my personality coming out...)

Anyhow, we've gotten over four feet of snow in the last week, actually, almost five feet. That's pretty darn good for balmy south-western Ontario. It's been a beautiful white wonderland out here and I have loved being "snowed in." Turns out I'm becoming a bit of a hermit. How can I tell? When I look ahead to a week and see that we don't have to be anywhere at any time and I sigh a huge sigh of relief. Officially a hermit. Sad but true!

If I don't post between now and then, have a very very Merry Christmas and may the blessings of this season remind you of the Greatest Blessing ever ~ the gift of a Saviour!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Brotherly Love

I was just answering emails a few minutes ago when my brother popped up in the Instant Messaging to have a chat with me.

Below is our chat word for word. Who else can you have a conversation like this with other than your own brother. This is why God gave brothers.

Brother: Loser, why haven't you answered my email?

Me: I'm getting to it right now, dingleberry.

Brother: Faster....my time is valuable.

Me: w.r.i.t.i.n.g.....v.e.r.y......s.l.o.w.l.y........

Brother: you are so dead when I see you next....

Me: I very much look forward to our next meeting....fartface.

Brother: You suck. Your email is going in the trash (my email was about Christmas gift ideas)
Get lost and leave me alone.

Me: Merry Christmas.....smooooooooch.

Brother: And to you and your family!

Seriously, now, who do you get to call names like that and know that on the other end of the message, they are laughing as much as you are. And when all is said and done, you love each other just as much as you did before -- may be even more.

I don't write much about my brother. He's 40 and I'm 34 (although you may not be able to tell that by the maturity of our messaging). He is one of my most favourite people, but don't tell him that. He never reads my blog so I can say whatever I want about him and he'll never know.

It is a very good thing to have an older brother. They push you, irritate you, defend you, throttle you, drive you around, drive you crazy, give you advice, give you punches in the shoulder, and love you like no one else could -- at least, my brother does.