Thursday, November 11, 2010

Freedom Four

In school yesterday...

Me: "Jack, it's time to do your reading."

Jack: "I don't want to. I quit."

Me: "You can't quit, buddy."

Jack: "Then I retire."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Trip - Part 2

Like I said in the earlier post, Unmentionable and I had this crazy conversation on the way to South Bend that illuminated and enlightened our minds as to each other.

Turns out we are both weird -- but in different ways. We did know that before, (it's pretty obvious) but now we know it in a new way.

Unmentionable is the kind of person who should be in the army. He loves rules, directions, order. He would be the first to volunteer for a job asked by his superior. His motto would be "mine is not to ask why, mine is just to do or die".

For heaven's sake, the more I think about it, the more the man is made for the armed forces. He wears his hair in a buzz cut and gets up before dawn every day because he LIKES it. He may have missed his true calling.

Not so with me.

If he and I stood before a superior officer that said, "I need you to do __________."
Unmentionable's response: Sir, yes, SIR.
Mine: "Why?"

In our discussion, I explained that my first reaction to someone telling me to do something is "Why?" This is what drives me. A need to understand.

Unmentionable is baffled by this. He is absolutely floored that I could utter such a response to a command. To him, this is total disrespect. You do not question authority.

I do. And it is my natural state.

He was horrified. For him, to ask why to an authority figure is the pinnacle of arrogance and disrespect.

I laughed and said....but why?

He just about had a conniption. I tried to explain that it isn't arrogance, just a need to understand. If I don't understand then I won't know why I'm doing it. If you can't prove to me why I should do this and why it's the right thing to do, then I'm not doing it. Wait....that sounded a little arrogant.

But it's so true. My favourite question is why. Throughout highschool especially, I needed to understand. Why do I have do that? Why do I have to wear a long skirt every day to school? Why is my mark so low on this math test? If someone can't back up their position with a decent response then I figured I didn't really have to listen. Yikes.

Isn't that horrible? As we drove through the USA together, chatting about this, I began to realize what an awful teenager I must have been. I had no idea how frustrating it must have been to be an authority figure to me.

We laughed. No, I laughed and Unmentionable shook his head in disbelief. We wondered which of our children would inherit my trait and which would inherit his.

It was a light bulb moment. It made me laugh and it made me sad. Laugh because I think a lot of things are funny and sad because I may have been and still be a very frustrating person to teach, direct and lead.

And that was our conversation. Perhaps it was not that interesting to read but I needed to put it down on "paper" so I wouldn't forget.

The End.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Trip - Part 1

A couple weekends ago, The Unmentionable and I went on a weekend getaway to South Bend, Indiana.
Through work Unmentionable did, we became friends with a woman who works for the University of Notre Dame in the athletic department. Athletic dept. = free tickets to games. So this sweet friend of ours invites us down to stay with her in her home and attend a university football game. For those of you like me, this means a BIG DEAL to a man.

And it was a big deal.

Last year was the first weekend we did this. We were amazed at what a big deal "game day" is in the States. We are talking HUGE.

I cannot even explain to you the craziness that goes on for a game. A game that happens every other weekend. Every other weekend is a home game in this town and that means that 80,000 people descend upon the stadium to watch the game. Those are just the ones with tickets. There are still thousands of others that just come to the campus to be part of the festivities and the tail-gating.

Tail gating, my friends, is another culture entirely. A strange phenomenon that only happens in the parking lot of a sporting event. I have never witnessed anything like it.

And then there is the actual game. The cheerleaders, the marching band, the national anthem, the airforce jets flying over breaking the sound barrier just as the national anthem is finished.

It's incredible.

And squishy.

And uncomfortable.

Picture sitting a piece of wood with no back on it, the size of a 2x6 board, with 80,000 other people. Your spot on the "bench" is marked by a number. Your number is 4 inches from the next number, so that if you put your bum dead centre on your number, you have a total of eight inches of space before you touch your neighbour. My bum is bigger than 8 inches. Turns out most of the people attending the games have bums even bigger than mine.

But overall, its a cool thing to do.

This year we went again. We attended a hockey game on Friday night and then Unmentionable and sweet friend's boyfriend went to the football game on Saturday. I didn't need to go again. Turns out this is more of a man thing to do. I went shopping. Everyone was happy.

The weekend was so fun. Other than a football game on Saturday afternoon, Unmentionable and I spent loads of time hanging out, walking all over the beautiful campus of Notre Dame (this place is gorgeous!) and eating in different restaurants, just being together.

If you ever get a chance to go and see Notre Dame, it is worth the trip. The University in our home town is beautiful and about 30,000 students attend there. Notre Dame is gorgeous, well-maintained and filthy rich. Only 8,000 students attend there. And the facilities are incredible.

On the trip down, Unmentionable and I had the most enlightening conversation we'd had in ages. This is another post altogether because it was so interesting. It took a good portion of the trip and had us laughing hilariously and completely astonished that we had just discovered this pattern of behaviour in our lives despite that we have been married 14 years.

I'll leave you there, waiting, with bated-breath, for the next post where you discover just how strange and different two people can actually be.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New house.

Finally! I've finally posted a few pics of our new place. Sadly, the pics are pretty small. If you know how to make the pics on a blog bigger without making them fuzzy, please let me know.

Time for the tour...

School Room (hard to tell but it's a nice bonus room over the garage/family room)

Laundry Room (which I love!!)

Dining room


Family Room

That's all I have for now. If you want to see it in real life, feel free to pop in.