Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Recent Conversation...

This little chat happened the other morning. I'm the "Me" talking, Nate is my husband and Jack is our two-year old boy -- busy boy.

While getting ready in the bathroom....

Jack: "Mommy, I'm a girl."
Me: "Oh really."
Jack: "Yeah, I'm a girl."
Nate: (peeking around the corner) "What did he say??"
Me: "Tell Daddy what you said."
Jack: "I'm a girl."
Nate: (voice sounding slightly panicky) "No, you're not."
Jack: "Yes, my AM a girl."
Nate: "'re not."
Jack: "Yes, yes, I'm a girl."
Nate: (heightened panic) "'re a boy."
Me: (calmly) "Jack, girls wear pretty pink dresses, do you want to wear one?"
Jack: "NO!"
Me: "And see how I put rollers in my hair, girls do that. Do you want me to put rollers in your hair??"
Jack: "NO."
Me: "Then are you a little girl??"
Jack: "No way."
Nate: (big sigh of relief)

Jack: "I'm a lady!"

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's about time...

It's been a long time since I have written a post and it's good to have a moment to sit and write.

The funny thing is that I don't really know what to say ~ so much time has passed that the daily mundane things I wrote about in the past are long forgotten. So I'll start new -- with today. Here's what's going on...

Ethan is out snow-boarding for the first time in his life. I sent my 10 year old off to Boler Mountain for the day with a couple of homeschool friends. It's gorgeous here today -- clear, sunny and cold and it's perfect for a day on the slopes. I'm just praying he comes home with all his bones where they should be. I tried snowboarding once. It hurts to learn.

The other three are done school for the day and are happily playing in the living room.

I'm up to my ears in soccer stuff. From planning, to building teams and processing refunds (yes, refunds already) it's a sponge of my time. I'm amazed at the things people will do/say just to play a little soccer in the summer. I have to remind myself often that this is a league for adults depsite how the players behave.

Other than that, it's just a Monday. Laundry, some errands, chicken for supper. Life as usual. But really, I'm not complaining. I looked on the calendar this morning and next week is MARCH! March means spring is coming, a week off of school is coming, warmer days and bluer skies are coming! I can't wait to see my first crocus, my first robin and to smell the scent of spring. It also means that slip-on shoes are coming and that is the best news of all. I can barely put on my socks in the morning, let alone bend over and tie up my boots.

I had to laugh at myself trying to get ready for church yesterday morning. If you had listened at my door you might have thought I was steer-wrestling by the grunts and groans coming from my room! Alas, I was in there alone only trying to get socks on and find something that fit and looked somewhat appropriate for church. I changed four times and finally went in my jeans and a sweater. I was last to get into the van and was actually laughing at myself when I finally heaved myself in and sat down. Nate just looked at me and said "You're okay??" And I said "I think so. I changed about four times." He just smiled and pulled out of the driveway.

A wise man says little in that situation. Right now Nate is looking a lot like Solomon.

Friday, February 6, 2009

One more...

I went to see the doctor this week about "Cinco" ~ our fifth little one on the way. Turns out the ultrasound tech. could tell what gender the baby now we know! We've never found out before, so this is all new and exciting for Nate and I. It's weird too.

Before I spill the beans on what this baby is, I have a small disclaimer. IF you know my parents, or my children, please do not mention what this baby is. Neither my mom, dad nor my four children want to know what we're having. As my kids put it..."It's like our Christmas presents...we don't want to know so we don't ruin the surprise!!"

With that in mind, we're having......a boy. Yes. Another boy. Which is totally fabulous....when I told Nate (over the phone) his response was a big "Wooo Hooo!" It makes me laugh to think that our daughter, who will be sandwiched btwn 4 brothers is definitely a miracle in our household. What were the chances??

That's the big news around here this week. And my doc. moved my due date two weeks closer...which would normally be good news but I've planned the rest of our school year to the last day and I need till June 5th to get it all done. Cinco needs to be late. If he'll cooperate, I'd like him to come June 6th. Again, what are the chances??