Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Quick Update...

I haven't written about Uncle Alec since the week that he had his stroke. I did want to update and let you all know how awesome he is doing.
He has been a total miracle and the doc's at Parkwood are documenting his progress because it has been so amazing. He is at 90% total recovery. That means that he walks, runs, jumps on trampolines, talks, feeds himself and is set to be discharged from the hospital in about a week.

Of course, he still has a way to go to be 100%. I don't think that last 10 is really easy but if he gets it, he'll get his driver's license back and that's his goal.

Thanks for praying for him. It's awesome to see him and witness what prayer and hard work (on his and the doc's part) can do!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

International Week

Since my cooking has been in a bit of a rut, last week was International Food Week at our house. I was trying recipes from around the globe and seeing how they rate. Nothing wild and crazy but here's the list...

Monday night was Italian -- simple dinner of spaghetti and meatballs to ease into this endeavor.

Tuesday night was Greek night -- what a hit. How can you go wrong with souvlaki, tzatziki and pitas, Greek salad and Mrs. Loudshoes' most excellent roasted potatoes with a bit of a Greek twist? Since it was such a success, it's being added to our regular meals. I have also found a fairly simple looking recipe for baklava...which I secretly love and don't want to share. I'm gonna give it a go this week and I'll let you know how it goes.

My husband did a renovation for a Greek couple last year and he LOVED working there. Every lunch hour they would invite him to share in their meal. Greek salad dripping in expensive olive oil with big delicous black olives, spanakopita and other delights. I asked Nate to call this client and ask how he made such an incredible salad and the man REFUSES to share the recipe or any tips or hints. Since the next project is his roof, I think we should peel the shingles but only put the new ones on once the recipe is in my hands.

Wednesday night was Chinese. If I was on Survivor I would've been voted off the island by my own family. My husband eats everything and anything, so no complaints from him, but the kids voted Chinese night down. I made fried rice and egg rolls, but then cheated and got chicken balls and shrimp chop suey from our local Chinese take-out. The best part according to the kids?? The fortune cookie. Isn't it nice when their fave part is the cookie made from cardboard. I can certainly take the hint.

Thursday night was....a mixed breed. Teriyaki pork with parmesan roasted potatoes. Not sure what region of the world you'd have to be in to recognize that combo, but it tasted all right. It made up for Chinese night.

Friday night was a total cheater night. Pizza from Costco. I was running out of steam by Friday afternoon and settled for the easy way out. But no complaints.

I'd like to send out a little thank you to my friend, Mrs. LoudShoes for sharing some of her inspiring recipes on her blog. This week we're trying her Fried Corn recipe and if she'd write about how to make home-made taco shells, I could add Mexican Night to the list.

How exciting is life when I just wrote (and you just read) an entire page on my groceries from last week! Sorry about that...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Too Much Information

Everyone has quirks and quarks. Indeed I do as well. So I thought I would admit to the world (or the portion of it that reads this blog) what mine are. These are the things you wouldn't know about me unless you were me, or lived with me.

1. I don't always recycle. I know this is not a real thrilling bit of information, but it's true. I will knowingly throw a pop can in the garbage because I am too lazy to take it out to the recycle bin. The reason I'm admitting this one is because every time I do it, I have a twinge of guilt, so perhaps by admitting it aloud, I'll find some relief.

2. I sleep in my clothes. Pajamas are just a big waste of time. If I am wearing clothes before I go to bed, why would I change into OTHER clothes to get into bed. So generally, what I'm wearing that day is what I'm snoozing in at night, with the exception of blue jeans and that itchy wool turtleneck sweater I own. Weird, I know.

3. I think I'm obsessed with my vacuum cleaner. I can't tell so may be you can help me out with this one. Is it strange for a person to vacuum 3 or more times per day? If I'm a little obsessive/compulsive about this one, I'm ready to face it. I can live with this thorn in my flesh.

4. I can't stand music playing in the van. I can barely tolerate it playing in the house. The only place I like it is church. The reason for this one is simple: it is just more noise. My friend's husband (aka Tradesman) once told me his reasoning on this one...something he read about. He said that to some people music is more than just music, it's like another language being spoken, and so when there is already people speaking, some find music irritating because it's like two languages being heard at once. I think it had something to do with being a musical genius, so that sorta cancels me out of this scenario, but it was fascinating nonetheless.

5. I just recently purchased a label maker and it's becoming similar in status to my vacuum. I have labeled many things and the joy that it brings me is....disturbing. My kitchen cupboards are dreamy -- everything labeled and organized. I even labeled my husband the other day. If there's something wrong with me, you'll tell me, right?? Or, if you'd like to borrow it, I would happily part with it for a few hours and share the joy. Just so you don't judge me before you have all the information, just take a look:
Can you see all the little silver labels?? Are you feeling a twinge of envy?? :) Here's a close up:

I wish I could say that was all the quirks I had ~ not true, my friends. These are the ones I'm willing to share...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Soccer Season and School

I know it's hard to believe but soccer season has started around here. As of yet, it hasn't taken over my life but I just wanted to warn you that in the coming weeks, blogging will be less because of the Sista-hood. As well, groceries, laundry, reading for entertainment, and other frivolous activities will also be set aside for the purpose of soccer.

I'm not complaining. Just stating the facts and wanted to let you know that my tardiness in updating the blog will not be because I'm lazy and un-inspired.

Homeschool is back into the swing of things. It was a good first week. I did make 2 children cry on the first day, but since then the tears have been kept to a minimum. I think the reason for the tears this time was the shock to the brain when I handed out math text books the first day back and sugar plums were still dancing in their heads. The plums were replaced with sums...and hence, the tears. I wanted to cry too.

Other than that, it's life as usual.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Good Day

Thirty three is looking pretty good so far. I must share with you the fabulous events of my birthday!

It all started the night before, when my sister and I went out. We did a little shopping and then she treated me to dessert at the Palasad. Have you ever tried a deep-fried Mars bar?? Oh my. If you haven't, run, don't walk, to the nearest Palasad and get what they call "Mars Attacks" ~ it is so gooey, chocolate and caramel-y.

This morning I rose to run with my dear friend and running buddy. When we arrived back at her house, she came out with a card and beautiful, wonderful French Silk Pie she had made herself. This is my favourite dessert ~ everyone should start their birthday with a dessert like this. See picture below:

Then when I was getting ready this morning, I went back into my room and my sweet daughter had made my bed for me.
As I entered our school room, this is what I found on the whiteboard...
and these notes on my desk...
(little love notes from Nolan and Kylie...not sure if you can read them but the spelling is hilarious..."you aer the best mum in the wuruld" -- homeschooling isn't perfect, alright!)

Jack broke out into song several times today with "Happy Birshday to Mommy!"

I also received a phone call from Nate saying to be ready at 5:30 pm...he has something planned.

Turns out he had a babysitter booked, reservations at the Keg and tickets to the big game at the JLC. And the Knights even won. Not bad!!

If this is the way this year is gonna go...I'm all for getting older!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just one.

I am happy to announce that there is only ONE baby in the womb. Due to the amount of growth I have already attained, I was a bit nervous. Turns out it wasn't a second baby but just the amount of food I have consumed of late...which isn't all that reassuring.

The tech was able to tell the gender of the babe, so at my next appointment, I might just find out. May be. But I'm not sure. As for the epidural, I might just give that a go as well. May be I could get it next week and just be numb for the next 6 months??

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

lazy and uninspired

Yep -- that's what I am. Christmas is over, the routine of life is back and I find myself sitting here thinking, "It's really only Wednesday??"

Nothing exciting has happened...well, almost nothing. Here's the short-list of fun and exciting activity around here:

1. My birthday is this week. I'll be 33.

2. I finally felt the baby kick this week. And my ultrasound is this week. Not sure if I'll find out what I'm having or not. I didn't find out with the first four and I'm thinking I should stick with tradition. But then I figure, this is the last time I'll be doing this so why not try something different. That includes the idea of going for an epidural this time. Why not be able to make a logical and objective comparison?

3. Jack is still doing bad things. He smeared Vicks Vapo-Rub all over his face (like, globs of it) this week and came out of his room saying, "Look, Mom. I have a beard." It takes a lot of washing to wipe that much Vicks off.

4. I took the kids skating for the first and last time this year. Although I'm only five months pregnant, it took a lot more energy than I bargained to bend over and do up five pairs of skates.

5. One of my new year's resolutions is to try and stay on top of the laundry. I don't mean sit on it. I mean keep the pile from being as tall as I am. So far so good. At least I'm winning on that one. Which means if I want to keep winning I should sign off and go switch it over to the dryer.