Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a Good Ole Boy...

Recently my sister acquired the DVD's for the first three seasons of The Dukes of Hazzard. I question her sanity in purchasing such a series but I find that as we get older we get more and more sentimental about our childhood, so I can sorta understand it.

The other night she had my kids over to watch their very first episode of The Dukes of Hazzard. As we all sat in basement of her home, it was so funny to hear all the adults sing every word of the opening song. It's amazing what useless bits stay in the brain.

Nate and I stayed to watch episode #1 and then we had to leave. That was enough for me. I used to be in love with Luke Duke. I guess as a child I didn't realize how intellectually challenged he and his cousin, Bo, were. Really, stealing cop cars and breaking out of jail just because it's Daisy's birthday??

Like I was saying, Nate and I left after episode 1, and my sweet sister allowed the children (hers and mine) to watch FIVE STRAIGHT HOURS of Dukes episodes. I seriously wonder what brain damage was done to them that night.

Since that evening of fun, we have heard Duke-isms around the house like:

"Coo, coo"

"I'm gonna get them Duke boys!"

"Did you take a correspondence course in brains?"

As well as the token lines from the show, my little three year has decided he wants to dress like a Duke boy. (Mercifully, our one daughter has not decided to dress like Daisy.) What does a Duke boy dress like? Well jeans, of course...but did you know you must wear a button up plaid shirt completely unbuttoned? Here he little Duke:
All morning he's been running around the house hollering, "I'm a Duke Boy! I'm a Duke Boy!"

I guess he's just like the song...."Just a good ol' boy...never meaning no harm."